Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Voting Procedure

There's been some confusion regarding the voting procedure, so I'd like to get that nailed down. Here's what I propose: each voting member will be given a ballot. Voters will circle their top ten candidates and the votes will be tallied. Then the top vote-getters* will move on to the second round, wherein voters may choose their top five candidates. The top ten will be inducted.

*If there are ten clear winners and no ties, then we wouldn't need to have a second round of voting, but I think that's unlikely.

I further propose that we limit automatic inclusion on the ballot the following year to those individuals who make it to the second round of voting. Finally, I suggest a one-year moratorium on candidates who are not voted in, in hopes that this will help us thin the ballot and keep this tradition going as long as possible.

Let's vote!

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