Friday, October 21, 2011

Over dinner last night (spaghetti squash with apples and sausage, very nice) we decided to put the notion of a family Hall of Fame into action, and devised some rules. For the first class each member of the Big Pink household has been invited to submit up to five names. Nominations are anonymous. In the event of duplicate submissions the electors will be invited to each submit two additional candidates, for a total of seven each. All nominees are to be real people-- no fictional characters. The nominees may be public figures, or they may be private people who are known to us and are deemed sufficiently influential to merit inclusion. Collective candidates are permitted-- if a nominee collaborated with others, as with, for example, a band or, or a sports team, or an author/illustrator team, that collective will be counted as a single nomination.

The names submitted will be assembled on a single, alphabetized ballot. The formal vote shall take place over dinner on Boxing Day. Australian Rules shall apply to voting. Candidates who do not receive at least 2 votes shall be ineligible for future consideration; Candidates must receive at least 75% of the votes cast to be inducted. Electors may vote for all, none, or as many candidates that appear on the ballot as they so choose.

I'll post the names of the nominees when they are all in. Debate, horse trading and cajolery are encouraged, either in the Comments here, or by email.

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