Monday, October 24, 2011

I would like to suggest an addendum to the Big Pink Hall of Fame voting process. Since it's pretty obvious that some of these nominees relate more to some family members than others, I would like to suggest that each person is allowed to propose (from the list of nominees) a personal influence who they think had a greater impact on them than on anyone else in the family. This vote would take place in the final rounds, but personal influences would be disqualified from the main Hall of Fame. What are people's thoughts on this?


  1. We need to tweak the voting process some way. Last night we discussed the idea of limiting the inaugural class. Perhaps the way to go would be to limit it to a specific number of inductees. I'll see about getting a poll up on this site.

  2. I don't see why we would want to disqualify personal favorites. On the contrary, I think they should get gold stars. And by "they," of course I mean "They."

  3. The way the balloting process is set up, all a candidate needs to be considered in future years is two votes. The way that shakes out should mean that very few nominees will be permanently shut out, although I suppose poor old Dash Hammett is at risk.

    The idea is that this is supposed to be an ongoing process. If Hammett gets two votes this year, he will automatically appear on next year's ballot, and maybe the competition will be easier. (Or maybe you all will have familiarized yourselves with The Flitcraft Parable by then.) At some point I think rollover candidates should be ruled permanently off, but for now I don't think we need to worry about it.

  4. Well I still don't see what excluding personal favorites is meant to accomplish.

  5. OK, forget I mentioned it. I like the idea of classes, though.

  6. Ignore the above post. I couldn't remember how to do it so that was practice.

    Now about your BPHOF. It looks like great fun but we wish we could get in on it. We only found out about it today because we have not checked Outside Counsel since 10/22 and now we find we are not eligible. Nevertheless, we will take advantage of the right to lobby for our picks among you all.

    John Paul II is a great nominee. He stepped up at a time when the Catholic Church was sinking of its own weight which is something someone has to do every so often with this amazing, difficult institution. (St. Francis had to do it in the 14th Century. St. Ignatius in the 16th).

    CS Lewis is a great nominee because he was such a great philosopher/theologian with a gift of stating simply and clearly Christ's message lived out in any century.

    Ella Fitzgerald's extraodinary talent made the great American Songbook the best it could ever be and has kept it so for 3 generations. (I do think her nomination should be shared with Frank Sinatra for the same reason).

    F. Scott Fitzgerald deserves his nomination because he really did write the Great American novel ...and then kept on doing it.

    I think you missed a couple of others: Jackie Robinson, the 1968 Mets, Cole Porter.