Thursday, January 5, 2012

Congratulations to the inaugural class of the Big Pink Hall of Fame:

Walter R. Brooks
Julia Child
Bing Crosby
Bob Dylan
Jonathan Safren Foyer
Ira Glass
Darline Gullia
Madelene Jancowski
Norton Juster
Russell and Lillian Hoban
Scott Oakley
They Might Be Giants

The following candidates received the votes necessary to automatically appear on the 2012 ballot:

The Beatles
Chuck Berry
Carol Christ
Ella Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald
C.S. Lewis
Keith Richards
Betty Smith
Joss Wheadon

New Business: We need to consider, inter alia, how long candidates who do not receive the minimum number of votes must remain off-ballot. Forever? Five years? One year?

We should also discuss who is eligible to vote, and to nominate candidates going forward.

This year's class was limited to the top 12 vote-getters. Do we want to continue restricting class size? If we do, how many candidates should be inducted each year?

Finally, for each of this year's inductees I think it would be nice to draft a citation, which can be posted here, and sent to those who are still living. We don't have to do it all at once. Who would like to do the first one?